10 American Dad Trivia Questions

Good Morning USA!  I love the television show American Dad and pretty much need it to fall asleep at night. You might call me obsessed*.  In honor of Father’s Day I wanted to share with you a 10 question trivia quiz that I wrote to test my husband’s knowledge of American Dad.  The answers are at the end.

1. In Season 9 what name did Francine give herself when she dressed up as a man so she could spend time with Stan at the CIA Chill House?

2. What State does Toshi’s sister Akiko represent in the season 9 episode:  Spelling Bee My Baby?

3.  How does Roger get the liquor store owner to tell him of a “Hillbilly who makes the strongest moonshine this side of Chimdale” in the Season 6 Episode: For Whom the Sleigh Bell Tolls?

4.  What is the name of Hayley’s Raccoon in the Season 9 Episode: Vision Impossible?

5.  Also from the episode: Vision Impossible- When Smith’s visit the Safety Museum, one of the exhibits at the museum is sport’s star who stands by a fireplace and makes advances on the museum visitor?  The exhibit is called the _______ ______ Experience?

6. Name Three Episodes that include the Golden Turd story line?

7. What is the B plot of the Season 9 the Episode Buck, Wild?

8. Why is Assistant Director Avery Bollack at Familyland by himself in Season 10: Familyland?

9.  What ingredient did Stan neglect to buy for Roger at the grocery store that set Roger off in Season 4: Roy Rogers McFreely?

10. What subject does Francine study in depth when Stan does not spend time with her in the Season 4 episode: Stan time?

Bonus Essay Question: 

Describe the relationship between Klaus and Roger using at least three relevant examples of interactions in specific episodes? How has their relationship evolved over time? (Earn a maximum of 5 bonus points)

*I love American Dad but am only luke-warm about Family Guy. One way to get me mad to get the two shows confused such as saying, “I have watched Family Guy before so I pretty much get the point of American Dad.” Learn more about American Dad here.


  1. Frank
  2. Maryland
  3. “I can’t get drunk” or “I am what you would call an advanced drinker”
  4. Cuddles, named after the cat he was eating when she found him
  5. Kobe Bryant
  6. Any three of these episodes: Homeland Insecurity, Failure is Not a Factory Installed Option, Rapture’s Delight, Season’s Beatings, Blagsnarst: A Love Story
  7. The B plot of Buck, Wild involves Roger trying to get him odometer turn to 100,000 miles.  When he misses it he and Klaus embark on a road trip to see the odometer turn to 200,000. They get fat from eating road food and collapse.  In the ambulance, the odometer of the ambulance is about to turn over to 100,000, Roger tries to look and the ambulance goes off a cliff.
  8. Avery Bullock is a Familyphile.  Also this is not one of those episodes where he has a young Indian son.
  9. Grenadine
  10. Marine Biology specifically she studies the giant squid.

Bonus Points Awarded at discretion of author of quiz and writer of this blog

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